Big World 2016 is July 17th – 24th

What is Big World?

Big Worlbig worls 2d is half of a two-pronged WBCC mission:  it’s a new relationship that WBCC is establishing with a Rochester inner-city partner, Cameron Community Ministries (visit them at  The purpose of this exciting new outreach is to
a) Do good works in helping nearby poor neighbors, specifically by providing food/fresh produce and also by establishing a “fresh air” type program for city kids to visit the country;
b) Expand our congregational and personal consciousness, awareness and knowledge of urban poverty, its causes, its effects, and worthwhile ways for us and for society to help impoverished people lift themselves into better situations.

Big World 2016 is July 17th – 24th this year (Sunday to Sunday).  The ages are 10-14 (exceptions allowed if we can accommodate).  West Bloomfield Congregational Church (WBCC) provides pick up from the city, and return.  Our primary partner in the city is Cameron Ministries located off Lyell Avenue.

Once again, the church will provide a host of optional support activities–pool party, movie night in the barn, campfire, scavenger hunt, horseback riding, and hiking.  Host families can choose those activities they wish to participate in, and, of course “do their own thing.”  We found that it works best if similar age children are in the host home, or readily available.

Please call Paul Hudson (585-330-0889) if you might be interested in participating this summer.  As you well know, change happens one life at a time.  This new program emulates the Fresh Air program, only for Rochester kids, and is part of a broad community approach to help diminish local inner city poverty and nurture individuals and families looking for ways to broaden and enrich life experiences.

You and we can be part of the solution!  If you can’t be a host this year, please pass on this invitation to a friend!  (No need to be a member at WBCC).