Photo of CIA group
Some members of the CIA group ready to head off on their mission trip June 2012

We love children at WBCC! And we really mean that! It’s ok if they use their “outside voice”, dance in the aisle or are wiggly.  As a child, our very own pastor was known to get his toes stuck the communion cup holders. Really.

If your child would like an activity, there are bags in the back of the church, filled with books, coloring pages and crayons for younger kid. There are also Action Bibles for tweens and teens.

All kids, including those that are visiting, are encouraged to take part in the Children’s Message, Sunday school and/or youth group activities.
• We offer nursery care as well for youngsters up to pre-K.
• Our Sunday school lessons are created for one group made up of children in grades K-5. • Our junior/ senior youth group (grades 6-12) meets nearly every Sunday during service. They meet at other times for special events and mission work, such as Go M.A.D. (Go Make A Difference), Shanty Town,  volunteer opportunities and fun outings. Several members of the youth are also part of our church youth band, YB3. They rock, incidentally.
wbcc corey & lucas
The 3rd Sunday of the month is called “Kids in Church” Sunday when we include the children in all aspects of the service- greeting, taking up collection, readings, prayers, etc.

Your children are welcome to take Communion. We just ask that you talk to them about the importance of it on the way home.

There are diaper changing tables in the larger restroom and the nursery for your convenience.  There is a playground on the south end of the property that can be enjoyed under your supervision.