And what am I left with?


It is Love that I glean from the teachings of my rabbi, Jesus. It is Love that I feel emanating from that mysterious everything I’ve been taught to call God. It is not simply the banal love of pop songs. It is Love that was, is and will be. It is Love beyond my power, beyond my senses. I cannot fully grasp it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fully trust it.  The struggle has never been with angels and demons. The struggle has always been to abandon myself to Love. Having Awakened to this, all that is left is to humbly surrender to the one force that ties it all together.

Here I am. Send me.

Awakening-liveonloveLive on Love

(featuring Matt Roesch, piano)

I’m a hammer when you swing me,
church bell when you ring me.
In your hands I’m anything you need.
Playing where you screen me,
flying where you fling me,
By your will, on your whim, at your speed.

Live on. Live in me, love.
Live on love in me.

I settle where you sling me.
Wait for what you bring me.
I’m just dirt and water, plant your seed.
Your Word when you sing me,
Your shine when you clean me.
What you say, how you stay, why you bleed.

A simple phrase: “I love you,”
we hear it all the time,
in every song that’s playing
in any scrap of rhyme.
We throw it over shoulders.
We slip it on for size.
And, when we say it’s over,
too quickly dry our eyes.

Live on…

A hammer when you swing me,
church bell when you ring me.
In your hands I’m anything you need.
No flinch when you sting me.
No gloat when you king me.
And I won’t leave you hanging on that tree.

Live on…

© 2010, Words: Corey Keyes, Music: David Knight

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