There are so many good things already in our lives that are made even better when we recognize the Holy at their very core. The writer of Ecclesiastes writes of how two keep warm better than one, and how a threefold cord is not quickly broken. When we recognize the Universal Spirit as that third cord firmly woven throughout our relationships, our love and friendship do more than endure: They bloom and bear great fruit for all.

Awakening-trueloveTrue Love Is

That first time I saw you,
it seemed the die was set.
A spark of recognition,
old friends who’d never met.
Your seal upon my heart,
the honor of your arm,
Love’s passion and flashing
have always kept us warm.
You brought me to life and
showed me how to love you.
Lift eyes to the hills,
praise God who carries us through.

Lift our eyes to the hills,
help has always come.
We’ve cried our share of sorrows
through harder times than some.
Dangers that we met
left scars that stretched and grew,
And lessons turned to blessings,
all the more that I love you.
I’ve been through your worst,
that’s comfort for your rest,
I promise today tomorrow will be my best.

We get everything we need
long before we know to ask.
God grows our lives together
and helps us hold them fast.
True love is mostly a verb.
True love is the best that I’ve heard.

I promise you today this calming of the sea,
Is a sign we’ve arrived
where love is meant to be.
Say bye-bye childish ways,
I’ve grown to be your man.
You’ve grown up my fine woman,
and I finally understand…
true love is mostly a verb.
true love is the best that I’ve heard.
All praise the Author of Love.

© 2001, Corey Keyes

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