Sunday School

Photo of WBCC Sunday School ActivitiesWe have completely redesigned our Sunday school experience!

We meet with all the kids, parents (coffee provided), and the idly curious from 9:30-9:50. Pastor Corey & Teresa Keyes team teach a wild romp through scripture: Know Your Bible in 40 Days and 40 Nights. Recent lessons have included exploding confetti-filled balloons (Creation and the Big Bang), a WWE-style puppet smackdown (Isaac and Ishmael), and a semi-continent puppy (for no discernible reason).

We also offer enriching activities for the kids during service, be it a craft session, music, a movie or games. The 3rd Sunday of each month is KIC (Kids In Church) Sunday, with the children taking active roles in worship.

The Christian Education team offers several fun events for children throughout the year, usually in the afternoon or evenings in the Sunday school rooms. We typically accept some sort of donation (canned goods, school supplies, monetary donations, etc.) for a chosen charity or cause at each event to encourage generosity and stewardship in the children.