About The Table

To Gather, Nourish, and Send Into The World.

It’s a place to gather. It represents nurture, nourishment, shared history, the welcoming of new friends, and the comforting warmth of a growing family.

An old table is the centerpiece of worship at West Bloomfield UCC. It’s been here longer than even the old timers can remember. It has a widening crack running the length of it. Much of the trim is nicked, loose or missing. But I doubt it will ever be replaced or removed. It’s flaws are perfect to us.

This is our table.

It holds communion cups, candles and flowers. Wandering Christmas pageant angels have banged their heads on it. Easter eggs have been hidden under, on, and in it. It is often set with baptismal bowls, ring boxes, unity candles, memorial pictures and funeral urns. For some, it has held all of these items. It has accumulated a priceless, sacred patina of community.

This is our table.

We offer you a seat at it. This website is an extension of the West Bloomfield UCC table, and we invite you to stay as long as you like. Enter into conversation. Initiate a few of your own. Delve into our family history. Learn of our plans. Listen to our hopes and dreams, and offer yours. Find and share nourishment.

This is our table.

Whoever you are. Wherever you are on life’s journey. You are welcome here.