Welcome to Holy Week! There are many activities and opportunities for worship during this special week.

March 29th: Maundy Thursday: Meal at 6:30, followed immediately by brief Maundy Thursday service.

March 30th: “EGG”stravagant Event 6:30-9:00pm Friday, Easter and Egg themed crafts, snacks, activities, and some lessons culminating in a FLASH LIGHT EGG HUNT! All ages. (Kids under the age of 7 will need a parent to stay with them.) Please bring your own flashlight. $5 per child. RSVP to the church at 624-1313. Please see Sarah Williams with questions.

April 1st: Easter Sunday: 8:45 Easter Welcome Service, 9:30 continental breakfast, 10 a.m Easter Celebration and Kids’ Easter Pageant, “You Can’t Have Easter Without”.   easter plants in church

EASTER PLANTS! A certain number of Easter plants have been pre-ordered to decorate our sanctuary. Parishioners are welcome to donate money for these Easter plants in honor, in memory, or in appreciation of a loved one, and the list of donors and those honored/memorialized/appreciated will be placed in bulletins for Easter services. The donation amount is voluntary, but the usual contribution is around $5 per 4″ potted plant. We will have iris, crocus, hyacinths & daffodils. The deadline to have your loved one memorialized in the bulletin is March 30th. (You can email your requests to Sarah Williams at wbccoffice@rochester.rr.com) You are welcome to take your plants with you after the 10am service on Easter Sunday, and since they are perennials, you can plant them at home if you’d like! Plants that are designated for someone will have a label on them. Plants available for sale on Easter Sunday will not be labeled. Please indicate if you’d like a iris, crocus, hyacinth or daffodil. I will do my best to fill your order. (Since I pre-ordered a predetermined amount of each plant, you may end up with a different plant than you’d like.) Any additional plants will also be available for sale after the 10am service on Easter. Please write make checks to WBUCC with “Easter flowers”on the memo line. Thanks!

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