When it comes to church events this year we want to err on the side of caution and prudence. Thus we feel unable to securely offer our beloved annual Christmas Cookie Sale. To help fill the gap in our operating and missions budgets, we have developed a special holiday gift magazine called FIGGY PUDDING that members and friends can purchase and give as a Christmas keepsake.  FIGGY PUDDING is a 24-page magazine crammed with holiday wit and wisdom, tradition and lore, fun and games straight from the heart of our church.

Figgy Pudding is $10 a copy. You can pick up your copy at church on Saturday Dec. 5th from 11am -3pm. If you purchase 4 or more copies, we will personally non-contact deliver (within a reasonable distance). We can also mail your copy if you add $3 to your payment. Payment by PayPal or check only. Use the link below. Please indicate “Figgy Pudding Magazine” where it says, “Add special instructions to the seller:”

Contact Sarah at wbccoffice@rochester.rr.com with any questions.


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