Dear Friend:

For 25 years we have been raising funds in various fun and different ways to support Family and Youth Missions of the West Bloomfield UCC—over $100,000!  This money goes to help LOCAL people and families on the edge, facing difficulties, or just temporarily down on their luck…with an explosion of need during the pandemic.  Could you help us continue our community mission again this year by donating:

  • A Basket of goodies? 
  • Restaurant certificate?
  • Bottle of wine or spirits?
  • Antique or collectible?
  • Fun experience (flying, cruising, boating etc)?
  • Handyman service?
  • Yard or rain gutter clean-up?
  • Knitting or sewing lesson?
  • Handicrafts?
  • Two or three dozen tasty cookies?
  • A delicious fruit pie?
  • Lessons in your unique skill (language, dance, music, art)?
  • Anything of value worth at least $25?

Our Wild Carrot Online Auction runs September 19th to October 3rd.  Be sure to join in the fun—log on to participate 

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Just let our official volunteers Anna Boonstra (585-269-8172), Cheryl Walters (585-329-4362), or Kathy Lusk (585-698-3295) know what you’d be able to contribute, and we’ll see that you get plenty of credit and appreciation.  Advertising value is high—we enjoyed over 14,000 page views last year!


Tom Exter
Auction Chair 

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