West Bloomfield Congregational Church is pleased to announce WBCC-U!
WBCC-U, for University, is a thematic wrapper to help us package and promote our intellectual, emotional and artistic content—creative worship, exciting missions, performing arts, literary & visual arts, Bible studies, book clubs, seminars, forums, life coaching, holistic healing, meditation, comparative religions, speakers, contests, hobbyist lessons,  events, movies, online worship, blogs,  articles, Rugged Christians, etc.  This is basically a theme about curiosity, exploring, and adventure.  It is what people do who want to grow.  And it builds on a number of our most prominent and cherished talents/skills and our historic tradition as sanctuary (and launch pad) for independent thinkers. This rich educational approach truly invites members and friends to create and lead small groups and fresh missions based on their experience and interests.

Currently we are offering a Meditation Workshop with Julie Jugle on Wednesday nights at 6:30 till May 14th. This is a 6-week series, but you do not need to attend all the sessions.

A two session Writer’s Workshop with Paul Hudson is scheduled for Thursday May 15th and Wednesday May 21st, 6:30pm.  Suggested donation for each session is $5.

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