Amid all the noise and babble opportunities for enlightenment and revelation come and go. If we slow down long enough to experience them, the whole world and our place within it are partially revealed in glorious depth, breadth and meaning. If. Most people I know struggle to find time to be still and know God. Oh, but when we do. When we do…


The kitchen’s cold, the mood is low.
The cat wants out, but I don’t know.
The yard’s a wash of pitch and gray
The dawn is still so far away.
Sleepless, useless, pillow or cup?
I’m so far down I’m looking up.

I never mean to be far from you,
Tangled up in all I’m supposed to do.
I never plan to fail to pray,
carried off by my busy day.
But silence sits beneath each sound.
All that’s sacred all around.

I Am awakening to you…

Hello Hello I knew you’d find me here.
Hello Hello The skies are coming clear.
We all reflect the sunrise,
Try love as the crow flies,
God, you make me swoon.

I am awakening…

The kitchen’s cold, the mood is low.
The cat wants out, but I don’t know.
A better day now fades to gray.
The night is not so far away.
Sleepy, used up, pillow and cup.
As I bed down I’m looking up.

I am awakening to you…

© 2011 Corey Keyes

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