Sadly, we human beings have this tendency to convolute even the simplest of principles. We start to think we are God’s gift to the world. We self-aggrandize, and then selfishly fight to hold on to our Superpower self-image in relationships, at work, and in our patriotic ferver. When our loved ones, our employers, and the world all beg to differ, we’re baffled and distraught.

Awakening-trainPush to Beat the Train

Yesterday was easy,
but today has gotten tough.
I begged for you to leave me,
now I can’t think you enough.
I busted you wide open
in an instant off the cuff,
Now you won’t forgive me
all that steel-eyed, smart bomb stuff.
It’s nothing to shed tears on,
there’s nothing to explain.
I fired up your engines,
and now I push to beat your train.

My job’s turned into danger,
I’m out there all alone,
I know they tape my lunch hour,
and I think they’ve tapped this phone.
They’ve seen me out in public,
so I know my cover’s blown.
It’s carnage at the office,
so I try to hide at home.
It’s nothing for close counsel,
there’s nothing to explain.
We laid these tracks ourselves,
and now we push to beat the train.

The world revolved around us,
as far as we could see.
The world revolved around us,
so why has the world turned on you and me?

I’m digging in the back yard,
it’s a hole, that’s all it is,
Deep shelter for the family
‘cuz the world has hit the skids.
Warheads for my gas tank
and a cancer on my lips,
Tell Sophie it’s a garden
or a play pit for the kids.
It’s nothing for the neighbors,
there’s nothing to explain.
We laid these tracks ourselves,
and now we push to beat the train.
We push to beat the train…

©2004 Corey Keyes

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